Killer Pedophile, Who Wants More Boy Victims, Released From Mental Institution in Orange County

Cary Jay Smith has claimed to have killed three boys and molested 200, according to the District Attorney's office.

A man regarded as extremely dangerous and unrepentant about having killed and molested young boys in the past has been released from a mental hospital in Orange County, California.

Various officials of the government are requesting the Governor of the state to intervene in the matter and put the man back in detention.

Cary Jay Smith is a 59-year old man who hails from Costa Mesa in the state. In 1999, his wife reported him to the police and handed over a note in which he had written about wanting to sexually assault a 7-year old boy. The police apprehended him and conducted a psychiatric assessment.

After the civil trials of Smith, it was declared that he "demonstrated danger of inflicting substantial physical harm" to children. The pedophile was then put in detention meant for persons who pose a serious threat of committing crimes and kept in various hospitals of California.

Cary Jay Smith
Cary Jay Smith Orange County District Attorney’s office

Dangerous Pervert

What is most disturbing about the man is the complete lack of repentance or even sensitivity to the perverse nature of his mind. He has claimed to have killed three boys and molested 200, according to the District Attorney's office. On top of that, he has, during his mandatory court appearances, expressed a wish to rape and kill more boys.

Such is the depravity of the man that he even calls himself Mr RTK -- which stands for Rape, Torture and Kill. As per the judicial system in place, he has to undergo a civil trial every six months where a case has to be made for his release. However, in all these years, his lack of remorse and unabashed desire to commit heinous crimes prevented his release.

Gavin Newsom
Governor Gavin Newsom is being asked to intervene in the matter twitter/@GavinNewsom

Administrative Failure

However, this time, the hospital he was in did not renew his hold in time, thereby letting him released. This has caused serious concern among community leaders. Michelle Steel, Chairwoman of Orange County Board of Supervisors, described his Smith's release as 'unconscionable.'

"Smith, an unstable individual, has openly made threats to rape and murder children and has stated that he would re-offend upon his release. The fact that he is being released back into our community is unconscionable," Steel said.

Similar sentiments have been expressed by Orange County District Attorney Todd Spitzer. "This sexual predator has repeatedly testified under oath that he will re-offend if he is released and we should believe him," the DA stated.

The ball now lies in the court of California Governor Gavin Newsom. He will have to act and use his executive authority to ensure this dangerously unstable man doesn't remain free. Expectations are that he will act.