Khalil Halilu is on His Personal Path to Success in the African Tech Space

Khalil Halilu

"To prosper, Africa needs homegrown technology as much as it needs agriculture to harvest its abundant resources." This is the message behind Nigeria's leading non-profit organization, KSH Foundation. Under the care of its founder, Khalil Halilu, the aid agency is leading a new action plan to encourage and support women and the youth of Africa.

As an aspiring techpreneur, Khalil is using his knowledge of sustainable technology to motivate the thriving youth of Africa. He has taken it upon himself to fill in the gaps and create a world where opportunities come running toward the people of Africa in general and Nigeria in particular. Hence, he began several platforms, such as ShapShap, The CANs, Zabe, and the KSH Foundation, the latter of which is a place that waits for the "day that Africa will pride herself on the inventions of her children."

Besides being a huge motivator for the youth, Khalil enjoys playing on the polo field now and then. In Nigeria, polo is a celebrated sport that demands utter focus and skill, something the techpreneur possesses. He, thus, has participated in numerous polo games and makes frequent appearances on the polo field. His polo games are his pride and coincide with his tech-preneurial side.

Khalil has contributed his abilities in the African tech sphere through various methods and ideas. Let us look at what KSH has done and how it continues introducing initiatives.


The last-mile delivery system in the major cities of Nigeria, Lagos and Abuja, has seen a massive change with added technical aspects. The unavailability of equipment and drivers not keeping count of their mileage caused Nigeria's logistic market to remain underserved.

With ShapShap, Khalil "provides a unified, driver-focused platform for gig workers to maximize their earnings by aggregating orders across multiple platforms, giving them access to orders as well as equipment financing."

Taking this initiative has enabled Khalil to provide a solution to the driver retention problem, counter unemployment, and seek customer satisfaction. Furthermore, the cross-pooling feature allows gig workers to work for various platforms using the same app, adding to ShapShap's competitive advantage.

The CANs

The CANs is Khalil's initiative to empower young people and revive their leadership abilities through innovative and tech-oriented ideas. Under this welcoming platform, the youth is provided a safe space to share ideas and support growing businesses under the CANs Park and Hatch box, respectively.

KSH introduced the CANs as the first eco-friendly technological hub in Africa, hoping to reform the agricultural-oriented mindset. With more projects paved under the CANs, the youth is challenging and creating paramount progress by introducing technological changes.


Under the CWCD Africa, KSH launched a practical application called Zabe, which ensures fair and transparent elections in Nigeria. This aids in perfecting the election management system and monitors "the power of crowd sourced data to bring transparency." The impact of Zabe 1.0 in 2018 led to the formation of Zabe 2.0, which would assist the 2023 general elections in Nigeria. It aids data collection and processing systems.

KSH Foundation

Khalil is busying himself with the help of the KSH Foundation to create social awareness. The foundation tackles the challenges women face in Nigeria and dream of supporting and unleashing their true potential. With KSH Foundation, Khalil is not just aiding economic growth but also creating gender-equal opportunities and reducing inequality.

He is aware of the revolutionary changes women can bring and is working to ensure that every woman in every city and country in Africa is given the same opportunities men are. KSH's sole aim is to tackle raging technical and social faults through KSH Foundation.

The KSH Foundation is Khalil's way of lending a helping hand to individuals through his innovative and industrious ideas. Writing his own narrative, KSH is not just a foundation that assists young people but also a place that promotes fun living.

Whether it is the KSH Foundation, The CANs, or ShapShap, Khalil has achieved success upon success in the African tech space. He continues to introduce innovative ideas, provide technical alternatives, and counter recurring issues with finesses. You can learn more about Khalil's ambitions and success by visiting his website.