Kevin Thobias Makes a Debut in Women's Fashion With His Eponymous Brand

Kevin Thobias

Kevin Thobias, the serial entrepreneur and a visionary investor in high-tech companies, is on the way to testing his multiple talents in one yet unchartered area —women's fashion. He is soon to launch a women's clothing brand Thobias. The debut is scheduled for May.

"What you wear is how you present yourself to the world, especially today when human contacts are so quick. Fashion is instant language," once said Miuccia Prada. Not only are those contacts quick nowadays—they have been reduced to a minimum by the pandemic but hopefully will soon resurge. For someone with as spectacular a track record in business as Kevin's, learning another "language"—that of fashion—may come quite naturally.

Kevin's attitude to investment and his past and present projects prove his serious intentions this time too. Let's explain why. A few years ago, Kevin became part of the Tesla cult, having invested a hefty $2MM in the electric car maker's shares. He wisely chose to exit at the peak of its price pocketing $12MM as a staggering reward. He turned his eye to investment ideas with the newly found fortune and focused on his longer-term investing deals. Being captivated with genomics, notably its area responsible for gene editing, Kevin invested a good portion of his capital in that segment based on the awareness of the unique role genetic editing can play in anti-aging. This area of genomics attracts him the most. Kevin's goals are to increase life expectancy, reduce genetic predisposition for the disease, and mitigate other health issues through genomics.

As for Kevin's fashion project nearing its launch in May, be prepared for a victorious event. The fashion industry can roughly be divided into two parts: the affordable "fast" fashion, as fast food, and a higher echelon of the industry for a different sort of clientele that is prepared to pay a premium price for a higher quality clothing. Kevin has his sights trained on the upper echelon of women's audience who shouldn't have to compromise quality for cost and stay loyal to their love of elegance, class, and individuality. The brand that bears his name—Thobias—offers high-quality US-manufactured women's clothing with European-inspired designs at an affordable price. Thobias apparel covers the entire range of a demanding woman's clothing needs from a cocktail party, special event, or just going out, not to mention everyday wear.

With all the attributes of a popular clothing brand in place, Thobias is poised to become a significant player in the women's retail sector. To learn more about Thobias brand and its coming launch, follow Kevin on Instagram.