Kevin Smith says Tom Cruise's Wolverine movie would make $1 billion

Tom Cruise
Tom Cruise Reuters

Fans have always dreamed that they might get to see Mission: Impossible movie star Tom Cruise flying or using some superpowers in any superhero movie. As of now, Tom Cruise has done several high-octane movies but has never played a character with superhero abilities.

Acclaimed director Kevin Smith recently talked about how much the movie will gross if Tom Cruise will star in an X-Men movie as Wolverine.

During Kevin Smith's recent live podcast with Marc Bernardin, the topic of Tom Cruise joining the Marvel Cinematic Universe came and Kevin had some pretty interesting ideas for the actor.

"I think he [Tom Cruise] would be a really good Striker for when they reboot the X-Men." Marc Bernardin said.

For this, Kevin Smith exclaimed and said, "No, f*** that, make him Wolverine ...Tom Cruise's Wolverine makes a billion dollars!"

During their conversation, Kevin Smith further proposed several other superheroes which Tom Cruise can portray if he wishes to join the MCU. As per Chasing Amy movie director, Tom Cruise can also portray Mister Fantastic given the fact that he of the perfect age and has a brilliant charm.

Over the years, Hugh Jackman has portrayed Wolverine in several X-Men movies. But after solo-film Logan, Jackman stated that he is done playing the role of human-mutant. However, fans still wish that they get to see Jackman in some capacity in future X-Men movies. Hugh Jackman's friend and former co-star, Ryan Reynolds has also asked the star to make a Deadpool-Wolverine crossover but the Australian actor has reportedly denied the request.

Meanwhile, Tom Cruise's fans will be delighted to know that Paramount Pictures has officially confirmed the release dates for the next two instalments of Mission Impossible movie series. The seventh film in the action-thriller will be released on July 23, 2012, and the eight (and mostly the last one) will premiere on August 5, 2022.

Although Tom Cruise will go perfectly for Wolverine but given the fact that he already has several other projects which are a handful for him, chances are pretty slim that he will ever reprise the role of Wolverine.

At the same time, after Hugh Jackman, Marvel Studios (the final merger between Marvel and Fox is due in March) is most likely to hire a young actor to play Wolverine for future movies.