Kevin Samuels Cause of Death: 'Misogynist' YouTuber, Relationship Guru Passes Away at 56

Self-proclaimed relationship guru Kevin Samuels, who has been infamous for his misogynist views, has passed away at the age of 56. The death of the popular YouTuber was revealed by Melanie King, who claims she was a close friend of Samuels.

She said that Samuels' family confirmed to her that the YouTube star has died. However, the family has not revealed his death publicly.

Kevin Samuels
Kevin Samuels Twitter

Samuels Could Have Suffered a Cardiac Arrest

Reports have confirmed that Samuels suffered a cardiac arrest but his family is yet to verify this. However, there has been no fresh post on his Facebook since Tuesday. He made his last post on Instagram on Wednesday. The post was a video titled, "Modern Women are a Party of One."

Critics have targeted the star over his misogynistic views in the past as Samuels had claimed that unmarried women over 35 are leftover women, according to The Sun.

Samuels Made Controversial Comments On Women

In his podcast last month, Samuels said, "If you made it to 35 and you're not married, you're a leftover woman. You're leftover. Men know you may have a problem. Whether you want to hear it or not, I'll go with you. I'm telling you the truth you don't want to hear."

Kevin Samuels
Kevin Samuels Twitter

Samuels' fans are pouring tweets on his demise, paying him tributes. But some continued to spread hatred against him after his death.

"Kevin Samuels has made a career off of shamelessly disgracing Black women for profit," said Philadelphia's award-winning journalist Ernest Owens.

He claimed that the YouTube star emboldened the most toxic individuals to project tired and harmful narratives about Black women. "Dead or alive, what a disgraceful life to live. That's all I've got for that misogynist."

On YouTube, he has been sharing dating advice and he declared himself an image consultant. Although, he was divorced twice and claimed himself as single.

Samuels' videos on YouTube were very popular. Some of his most popular videos include "How Much Do You Cost to Submit?" and "Modern Women Are Average at Best?