Kevin the one-eyed puppy has taken over the internet with its cuteness

The pup called Kevin was born to a Thai government worker's Aspin dog and since his mutation has come into the light he has gained a lot of attention

Little Kevin has one eye, and he is from Thailand. The pup who is from Chachoengsao, central Thailand, was born to, Khainui, an Aspin dog owned by a Thai government worker.

As Somjai Phummaman, 45, was putting together a place for the two pups born to his loyal friend he noticed a strange mutation. They believe that he is a lucky sign. The pup was seen to be doing well after a few days, despite its mutation. The special pup was named after Kevin a character from the movie "Minions". It will take another two months to see whether the eyes will work properly for the one-eyed pup.

Several videos circulating

Kevin, the one eyed puppy
Kevin, the one eyed puppy YouTube Grab

There have been several videos circulating online about Kevin the cyclops pup. The little one is seen snuggling with his moth and playing with his sibling in the videos. He has been having a healthy diet as the owners are feeding him milk.

The pup's owners are grateful that he is doing great and has been healthy. The family told news agencies that they wish he would survive and would like to keep him for a very long time. Whoever has come to know about Kevin in their small neighbourhood feel that he is lucky for them. People are buying lottery tickets with his birth date as the number.

Not just Kevin, but Narwhal the pup too

There is another puppy that has an extra special feature that makes him compete with Kevin for attention and that is a unicorn puppy. Narwhal was born with a tail growing out of its head. The perfectly healthy dog with a slight deformity was adopted last year when he was 10 weeks old. The perfectly healthy pup had also gone through several tests to understand the growth outside its head.