Keviam Cazo | Life journey of the talented business entrepreneur

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Keviam Kaso

Keviam Cazo is a persistent and hardworking individual who has worked over the years efficiently. She is charming and does not look like a typical partner of a football player in any way. She is active, with a good sense of humour and an impressive workaholic background. The multitalented individual started up her first business at the age of 18. By the age of 30, she had several significant projects on her account, including a successful seafood export business. Currently, she has moved to Sochi with her partner, the famous footballer Christian Noboa. She has talked about love in quarantine, moving from Ecuador, and the most unsuccessful date in a candid interview with the magazine "Собака.ги Sochi | Krasnodar". She has had an excellent experience after moving to Sochi despite it being only over a year.

Keviam has got used to the rhythm of life pretty quickly. Due to work, studies and business matters, she had lived outside my hometown for a long time, so it was not difficult for her to get used to life in Sochi. Keviam has a passion for staying fit and motivates a lot of time and effort. She doesn't treat sports as a hobby. For her, this is a lifestyle and an additional opportunity to devote time only for herself. She firmly believes that she doesn't fall into the stereotype of a football player's girlfriend in Russia. Being raised by a single parent, her mother taught her how to earn her own money and be independent by the time she was seventeen. Becoming a mother herself at a very young age also significantly helped her become very more responsible. She aims to work and make her family proud. She is very perseverant, and her efforts have aided her majorly in her success. Apart from looking after her seafood export business, she also takes care of her children and family.

Keviam Cazo is a lawyer by education, and she continues to develop in this direction. By the age of forty, she wants to create her own company. She also wants to open a healthy food restaurant. The pandemic was a significant experience in her life. She had heard many stories from friends about the troubles in families caused by the pandemic. However, in her case, everything was different. This self-isolation helped the family get to know each other better, they were able to spend more time together, discuss problems and support each other, and there were also joint sports at home and video games. She had also learnt a lot about football. As for her plans for 2021, she has no great desire to plan something severe, and she believes that time will tell. She stated that if you manage to implement your plans this year, it's good. If not, then it's okay. But she aims to bring to Sochi something that is in abundance in Ecuador. She does have an idea to make this happen, but she keeps it her little surprise.