Kerala Flood or Tsunami in Japan? Facebook users slammed man for posting fake video

Fake video
Fake video Facebook

The southern Indian state, Kerala has witnessed the devastating flood that destroyed infrastructures and forced people to leave their own residence. Meanwhile, several flood videos uploaded on social media, but recently a Facebook user uploaded a breathtaking footage and wrote that "Dangerous flood in Kerala," but it turned out to be Japan's Tsunami.

The video, which was published on August 23, has received 4.1 million views, almost 30000 likes and more than 7000 comments. As of now, the footage has been shared over 98000 times. Even though the uploader of this video Dharmendra Thakur clearly stated that it was the footage of Kerala flood, many other social media users watched the video and after analysing it they not only said the video is fake, but also mentioned that this is the video of Tsunami in Japan.

A user, Dhiren Dalal commented, "Please, do not post wrong information. What is your purpose for posting this?"

Another user Pramod Nandini said, "All bunch of jokers here in social media, and does not authenticate the news, videos just forwarded without knowing anything."

But in the same comment section, there are many Facebook users, who believed the video represents Kerala flood and shared shocking expressions and emojis.

The same video was posted on YouTube on April 30, 2012, with a caption, "2011 Japan Tsunami: Ishinomaki [stabilized with Deshaker]." The description of the video stated that "This video was recorded from the rooftop of the office of Ishinomaki Gas (in Ishinomaki City, Miyagi Prefecture)."

Similar videos were found while searching for "Ishinomaki tsunami" footages. One of those footages has a caption, "Ishinomaki Catastrophic TSUNAMI - Full Documentary" and was uploaded on June 1, 2017, by TD Interesting Topics Tube and another one was uploaded on October 25, 2012 with a translated caption "Tsunami surging to Minato district of Ishinomaki city (Footage provided by viewer)."

While the posts, such as videos and pictures of a particular natural calamity may help to draw attention to the devastation and damage caused, fake videos circulated by people on social media platform will mislead people and create a panic situation. So people are advised to take a look at such videos and if it looks fake or misleading then file a report against it on the same social media platform.

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