Kenyan woman claims she is COVID-19 negative; netizens ask if govt faked the claim

The Kenyan government had announced the first confirmed case of Coronavirus in the country during a press conference on Friday, March 13

The novel Coronavirus has been declared to be a pandemic and a public health emergency of international concern as the death toll has reached 5,438 from 145 countries all around the globe till now.

Mutahi Kagwe, the Cabinet Secretary for Health in the Republic of Kenya, announced the first confirmed case of coronavirus in Kenya during a press conference on Friday, March 13. The spokesperson mentioned that the first patient is a 27-year-old Kenyan citizen, who is believed to have travelled to Nairobi from the US via London, UK on March 5, 2020.

The Kenyan Ministry of Health is also said to have tracked down all the individuals she came in contact with ever since her arrival in the country as well as her co-passengers in the flight. He also added that the woman is currently stable as her temperature has gone down to normal.

This woman claims she isn't Coronavirus positive

This Kenyan woman claims she is COVID-19 negative
This Kenyan woman claims she is COVID-19 negative Twitter

In a recent video that has surfaced online, a woman identified herself as Jane, claims that she is not positive to Coronavirus and adds that all the recent news on her being infected is fake. Though we are not sure if she is the same woman mentioned by the Kenyan government, the video has gone viral with many netizens accusing the government.

"Stop sharing all the propaganda. We don't have any Coronavirus. I recently traveled to Kitale. I did not use public transport, I used a private jet. All the time I was in Kenya, we used my father's vehicle. We also went to Kitale, Keiyo, Eldoret and back to Kitale and flew back to Nairobi. We were screened on our arrival and tested and we are good. We love you all," the woman, who is seen with her kid and driver, said in the video.

Watch the viral video here:

Netizens accuse the Kenyan government

After the video of the woman went viral, a few netizens have come forward accusing the Kenyan government of "faking the news" on the Coronavirus patient in the country. They are of the opinion that the government might have done this to get donor funding due to the country's poor economic state.

"Did the Kenyan government fake the claims to get donor funding? That's what everyone is saying the Kenyan government is doing due to the poor state of the economy. Can we get proper verifiable claims from this government? Behaving like Kinoti? You can't HONESTLY trust this govt. Trust is EARNED and not FORCED. When you intimidate people to trust you, you lack the legitimacy to govern. So Mutahi Kagwe, earn our trust," Robert Alai tweeted accusing the Kenyan government.

However, netizens seem to be divided over the authenticity of the viral video. "Robert stop this nonsense, the woman in question is currently in isolation I wonder when she recorded the video and who said she is the one. Such tweet will make Kenyan at a risk. WE MUST TAKE PRECAUTION (sic)," tweeted another Twitterati.

Another fake news

Meanwhile, Citizen TV Kenya has busted another fake news on the second case of Coronavirus in the country.

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