Kendall Jenner trolls her sister Kylie in hilarious new video

Kendall Jenner makes fun of her sister Kylie in a funny new video where she puts on Kylie Cosmetic makeup.

Though the Jenner girls may seem as if they have little in common with the average person, Kendall and Kylie just showed the internet that sisterly teasing is universal after Kendall hilariously trolled her younger sister in a new video.

Kendall specifically took aim at Kylie's makeup empire. Kylie's company, Kylie Cosmetics, has given the youngest Kardashian girl billionaire status. However, it didn't mean that it was safe from ridicule. In the video, Kendall used Kylie's merchandise while wearing a long pink-tinged wig in a way to teasingly emulate her sister.

"I love over-lining my lips. This is how it all started," Kendall joked, as she sloppily applied a beige lip color to her entire mouth. "Literally, I just over-lined my lips and everyone was wondering what I was using," she continued.

Kendall Jenner
Kendal Jenner steps out for a lunch date in Beverly Hills in a tight white too with no bra underneath. PC - BACKGRID

A family-wide joke?

"You can mix the shades. We love mixing," Kendall added. At this point in the video, Kendall had changed to using a red lip color, and even applied some to her teeth an in exaggerated manner. "Oh my God, it feels amazing on my skin," Kendall continued, trying not to laugh as she examined herself in the compact mirror.

It appears that the impersonation might have been a family-wide joke, as the video then cut to Kendall at a meal with the Kardashian-Jenner clan. Everyone at the table seemed to be dressed as another person in the family. Matriarch Kris Jenner dressed up as her daughter Khloé with a wavy blond wig. Meanwhile, oldest sister Kourtney emulated Kim with a pair of her favored rectangular oversized sunglasses.

Kylie taken aback by her doppelgänger

It was at this point that Kendall decided to show Kylie her get-up, and Facetimed her younger sister from the table. Kylie immediately picked up the phone. "Oh my God," Kylie immediately exclaimed, taken aback by her doppelgänger. "I'm Kylie," Kendall explained, clearly enjoying herself. "You look cute as Kylie," her sister returned.

Nephew Mason Disick took the opportunity to cleverly tell her aunt that she was technically talking to herself.

The trolling did not end there. In another video, Kendall continued to show off Kylie's products, such as a tube of lip gloss. Instead of showing a neat arm swatch, she showcased a forearm covered in lip gloss scribbles. "And this is what it looks like," Kendall preened.

Though there is some teasing between the pair, fans know that the two sisters are very close. The pair are only a couple of years apart, and also share Caitlin, née Bruce, Jenner as a father. Those wanting to see more antics between the duo can tune into Keeping Up With The Kardashians.