Ken Chu health update: Mandopop singer says no cure for illness, trying taiji and yoga instead

Taiwanese actor says negative comments on his health make him feel low.

Taiwanese singer-actor Ken chu, who is recovering from a rare disease, has said there is no specific cure for his illnes but that certain exercises have been useful in improving health.

The 37-year-old recently opened about his rare health condition arising out of 'fibromyalgia syndrome', which the actor has been suffering from for quite some time.

Explaining the atypical disorder, the F4 member stated that 'fibromyalgia' causes widespread pain in the body of the sufferer, subject to stress and pressure. He added that the rare condition is not treatable, and he can only vouch on medicines and physiotherapy to ease the symptoms.

Giving the update on his health after the big revelation, the Mandopop singer took to his Wiebo, explaining about the evolution of disease and how negative comments make him feel low.

In a the post entitled "To Whom It May Concern", the singer wrote:

"When I was young, I developed asthma due to my dust mite allergy. At that time, the most effective treatment for asthma was to inject steroids into the body. As a result of the steroids, my body, which was undergoing puberty at that time, received a big impact. My bones and muscles are not very healthy, and I can't exercise intensely. If I exercise too much, my body will suffer from all sorts of aches and pains."

Ken Chu also added that with time he has garnered knowledge of some exercise that have been useful in improving his health. He is experimenting with taiji, yoga and surfing to strengthen his body and studying food and nutrition to revitalize his condition.

The actor further added: "I was type casted as a lazy good-for-nothing, who can't even manage my own body weight. That really affected me, " referring to the negativity around.

Ken Chu recently got married and is working on his upcoming show 'Burning Calorie'.