Kelly Roach Coaching Helps Entrepreneurs Grow Their Businesses

Kelly Roach

Most entrepreneurs dream of reaching the multi-million dollar mark in their business: and Kelly Roach has achieved just that with her consulting business, Kelly Roach Coaching International. On a mission to become the #1 business education and leadership development company in the world, Kelly has become a master in attracting new clients, helping them develop their leadership, sales, marketing, time management and service delivery in order to scale their businesses online and achieve true financial and lifestyle freedom.

Kelly Roach International is a coaching and consulting firm for service-based business owners and entrepreneurs and encompasses all of Kelly's individual accomplishments. Three of her programs are designed for 6-figure and 7-figure business owners; she offers a handful of programs and memberships for beginner business owners, as well as personal development mentorship for anyone looking to achieve optimal wealth, health, happiness and success: for both business owners and corporate professionals. She also co-founded The Advance Women's Expert Network, and the Courageous Brand; and is the author of four best-selling books.

Although Kelly started her company before she turned 30 and was profitable in her second year of business, she initially struggled with money mindset and believing in her own self-worth.

"While I considered myself a very confident, aggressive business person – I still found myself doubting my capabilities and letting my own beliefs stand in the way of achieving my dreams. Now, one of the first things I help clients with when they join my programs is to shift their mindset around income and building wealth so that they can charge what they're worth," Kelly has said.

While finding new clients isn't a struggle for Kelly, she credits her commitment to visibility as the catalyst to growing her ecosystem. In fact, one strategy that has helped to grow her business is guesting on podcasts: "I've been guesting on podcasts consistently for YEARS and it has allowed me to get in front of new audiences, attract qualified leads and serve at the same time."

In fact, Kelly Roach attracted her first client by guesting on her coach's Livestream as a testimonial. She encourages her clients to never turn down opportunities for visibility.

Now that Kelly Roach Consulting has helped more than 40,000 entrepreneurs, Kelly herself has shifted her focus from the day-to-day minutia of running a business to staying creative and innovative. Instead of getting caught up in "busy work," Kelly makes time for projects that directly generate profits, or move the company forward as a whole.

She is able to schedule "white space" in her calendar by effectively delegating tasks to her staff of 20+ employees. As far as Kelly is concerned, if a task doesn't contribute to your goals, your dreams, your family or yourself, delegate it.

"I think it's important to delegate tasks that can be done by someone who can do it faster and better than you. You want to bring people onto your team who are more skilled than you are in certain areas, and who are passionate about doing that thing (this can be content and marketing, finances, etc). Your passion is serving your clients – and you want to stay in your zone of genius," Kelly says.

Delegating frees up time for public relations and visibility opportunities that result in exposure for your brand, which is key to continued growth.

At the heart of what Kelly does is help entrepreneurs reach financial freedom. She is consistently inspired by the freedom, fulfilment, and financial abundance that she and her clients are able to create.

"Every time I see that a client's life has been changed, it completely reinvigorates my vision, mission and goal to change the world by empowering more people to become financially free."

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