Kelly Gale shares her raunchiest picture as she poses topless in a sauna

Kelly Gale poses completely topless in a sauna and covered her assets with her bare hands and set the temperatures soaring with her hotness

As hot as it might sound, the Victoria's Secret model Kelly Gale shared her raunchiest Instagram story posing in a sauna completely topless and covering her assets with her bare hands, while holding her phone against the mirror and showcasing her abs and toned thighs in the clip. Enjoying the heated room, the 24-year-old runway star did away with her bikini top as she soaked-up the healing red rays of the sauna.

Kelly Gale Topless Sauna
Instagram grab/ Kelly Gale

She is also seen in a flirty ponytail hairdo and looks playful and full of life as she posed in the mirror of the steamy room. Her followers couldn't have asked for more and is an amazing way to kick-start December.

Kelly by the beach

Kelly Gale has been posting sizzling hot pictures on her Instagram handle since close to two weeks as she's hitting up all the beaches in Los Angeles. Just a few days ago, she posted a picture of herself being topless and drinking tender coconut while spilling most of the water on her chest.

If that was not enough, she shared a jaw-dropping video clip of herself jiggling her chest on the beach and most of her followers went bananas. Kelly is certainly no stranger to raunchy pictures and videos, and of course, we're not complaining.

Kelly Gale's fitness mantra

The 24-year-old Swedish supermodel Kelly Gale is blessed with a hot body most women only dream of and in an interview with V Magazine, she revealed her fitness and diet mantra. The stunner stated that she consumes a diet of ''fresh, organic produce'' including vegetables, nuts, seafood and raw vegan dark chocolate.

She said, '[I consume] super foods every day such as chlorella and spirulina, and if I ever need an immune booster I have tons of ginger, turmeric and baobab.'' On her fitness regime, she added, ''Usually on my days off, and sometimes before going to set, I end up heading to Pilates, boxing or jump rope. When that gets boring I go rock climbing with friends or find some other activity we can tackle.''

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Stay hydrated kids..💦🥥

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Let your troubles bounce away🎾🎾

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