Keeping Her Foot on Every Land's Soil Is Ajanta Mahapatra's Ambition!

Ajanta Mahapatra

Ambitious, aspiring, and a free bird are some words that best describe her. Her forte is to travel around the world and set her foot on every land's soil. Such is her passion and practice. That's right! Over the years, Ajanta Mahapatra has been traveling around the world experiencing her love for life. Be it a far away land or a countryside neighboring destination, her preparations are up to the mark and never miss the line. A corporate professional, Ajanta Mahapatra has struck the right balance between her leisure time and working time, incorporating everything in the right amount. By already traveling to more than 68 countries as of now, she has beautifully captured the essence of life and love for traveling.

However, it is her small habits and conditioned practices that stand as barriers when she is in foreign lands. For instance, her fussy choice in terms of food is one such barrier. Moreover, being a vegetarian, Ajanta Mahapatra often finds it difficult to arrange for her meals and avail of the right choices of food that she requires. The language barrier can be another hurdle that often puts her in a strange position as compared to other multi-linguist travelers. More such problems are only the stepping stones that act as challenges in her ultimate aim to travel around the world. Furthermore, stepping out of one's comfort zone and traveling to distant places is not everyone's cup of tea. It is simply the inner zeal to do so that drives one to such places.

Born in Orissa, Ajanta Mahapatra had the experience of traveling at an early age. It was because of her father's transferable job that she tasted the elixir of traveling and ever since then, the fire hasn't been exhausted! With every day coming to an end, she feels the urge to travel more and more. Although it is only the love for traveling that is necessary for an individual to travel to far off places, there are certainly other factors that must be considered. Finances, safety, the flexibility of the work schedule are some points that must be ticked off the list before flying high in the sky. "Before planning for a trip, I always ensure that I have enough savings in my pocket, enough safety to please my independence, and ample free time to take off from work!" says Ajanta Mahapatra when asked about her thoughts on the above-mentioned factors.

It is her undying love for travel and tourism that automatically takes her to the wonders of the world. Not just the world but she has also been to the 7 sister states of India. Not only has she accommodated her country in her travel plans but she has also incorporated the tradition of her country, wearing a saree while traveling! This has even attracted many other tourists and continues to do so as her traditional attire pulls everyone's attention. A unique, aspiring, and smart traveler, Ajanta Mahapatra sets the stage on her fire with her love for traveling.