Keep misplacing your AirPods? This special Apple Watch band can help keep them safe

AirBand is an innovative silicon band for Apple Watch which comes with anti-slip loops to keep your AirPods in

Crowdfunding sites such as Indiegogo and often have some really interesting products listed on them. We recently told you about an Apple AirPods alternative from Indiegogo that you could charge with nothing more than the power of the sun. Now, one more product has caught our eyes and this one comes in handy if you are someone who keeps misplacing your AirPods every now and then.

The product, listed on Kickstarter is called 'AirBand' and seems to provide a solution to this problem by allowing you to stick your "misplace-able" AirPods onto your Apple Watch.

Innovative Apple Watch Band or plain silly?

AirBand - silicon band for Apple Watch with loops for storing AirPods Kickstarter

The aptly-named AirBand is a silicon band for your Apple Watch that also doubles as a holder for your AirPods. Talk about utility. The special silicon band comes with two "slip-proof" loops situated below the Apple Watch screen to keep the AirPods earbuds in. What's more, it works with both the standard AirPods (1st and 2nd Generation), as well as with the AirPods Pro.

However, many might think the design and idea of the AirBand as silly as not many would want to carry their AirPods on their Apple Watch when they can simply let the AirPods just dangle on their ears or store them inside the pocket-sized AirPods charging case when not in use. This way the AirPods can also charge, something which isn't possible when you stick them onto the AirBand.

Temporary AirPods holder when case isn't convenient

However, according to the project creator and inventor of the AirBand, Matt Youngblood, the product is simply supposed to serve as a temporary AirPods holder usable in situations when the AirPods case isn't the best option or when you don't have the AirPods case in hand.

"The AirPod case is an excellent storage device for keeping your AirPods safe but there are certain times where it just isn't convenient. It is in those gaps where an AirPod gets lost or stolen." Youngblood said.

Utilitarian and safe

There's also a product video on Kickstarter that shows the possible situations where the AirBand could come in handy, such as when trying to pay for something at the store, or while at a cafe and you put them down to focus on someone talking.

"Sometimes you just need to store your AirPods for a moment as you pull out your credit card at checkout or when you run into someone when working out. It isn't practical in those moments to dig out your AirPod case. You need someplace that you can have confidence that your AirPods will be safe. This is why I invented AirBand."

AirBand - Price and availability

The AirBand is claimed to be made of high-quality silicon and offers a comfortable fit and it comes in four different colours – black, pink sand, blue, and white. The project is currently being crowdfunded in Kickstarter with a goal of $10,000 and Youngblood says that the product design has been finalized and he has managed to get a manufacturer on board.

He's planning to use the funds generated from the crowdfunding campaign to procure the production materials and tools needed to begin production. Once the $10,000 goal is reached, Youngblood will have a first article test of the product to make sure the final product is up to quality standards and begun immediate production and delivery.

Meanwhile, if you are interested in backing up the project and getting the AirBand, it is available at an Early Bird price starting at $20 per band (in any colour), $70 for three bands and $250 for ten bands.

Losing AirPods

The AirPods are among the most valuable pieces of technology (with prices starting at $150) that people tend to lose everywhere including subways, cafes and gyms. And with their rising popularity, it is only going to get worse. According to many reports, hundreds of New Yorkers have lost their AirPods on subway tracks, promoting the Metropolitan Transportation Authority (MTA) to consider a public service announcement regarding the earbuds.

DISCLAIMER: Crowdfunding is a very risky business with many companies making big promises looking for funding. One in every 10 successful products that reach their crowdfunding goals do not actually deliver the product and delays, missed deadlines are quite common. It is advisable to use your judgement before opting to buy something on a crowdfunding platform because when you back a project on a crowdfunding campaign you are not necessarily buying it.