Keenan Williams Makes a Difference in the Business World with The Power of Micro-Influencers

Keenan Williams

At only 29 years of age, Keenan Williams has become a young reference in the business world. His ability to get his business off the ground online has been one of the elements that made him stand out. Using social networks as a springboard and listening to the demands of his target audience have been the key elements for this entrepreneur to make a difference. Keenan went from working at Skechers, earning $8 an hour, to creating his brand Ko Elixir, with a vision focused on making a difference.

The Power of Micro-Influencers

Keenan used this strategy from a different perspective. Instead of becoming a highly recognized influencer, he saw an advantage in micro-influencers.

He emphasizes that empowering an ordinary person and making his customers feel identified in a real way is much more valuable than getting pictures of celebrities with his product.

This step proved to be motivating for those who were interested in his product. That's when you started to move forward in terms of your company's reach and success. He claims he turned his Instagram page into a community. He currently reaches one million followers on this platform and maintains his conviction that this is one of the most powerful means to grow as a brand.

Good marketing strategies with quality service to reach excellent results

Content marketing, the presence of influence to enhance his product, clarity in his messages, were some of the things that managed to distinguish Keenan from his competition, and advance his purposes.

After 6 months Ko Elixir reached $1 million in revenue. And then, after one year, that figure was 2.5 million.

In addition to using the right marketing strategies, a distinctive aspect of Ko Elixir's success was product quality. It was not just about selling, but exceeding customer expectations in the development of its skincare cream.

As a result, he started with the dissemination of an online program called The Seven Figures. It focuses on bringing, through different classes, the necessary guidance to those who want to achieve entrepreneurial success and grow their businesses. In a short time, some students in the program have earned an income of $250,000, which not only endorses the results but also the process that Keenan Williams has carried out as an entrepreneur and coach.