Members of South Korean K-Pop band EXO
Members of South Korean K-Pop band EXO Reuters

KBS news anchor Park Young Hwan apologized for his statement about EXO and BTS.

In an interaction with the governor of Chungnam on January 26 KBS special episode of 'Listen to It From the Candidate' there was a discussion about popularity. The governor said: "I turned into EXO overnight" and in response, Park Young Hwan replied: "You know that EXO is very popular, right? I heard they're getting beat by BTS nowadays but they're still a fantastic group."

But, immediately after the broadcast, Park Young Hwan was highly criticized by the fans of both groups for making an unnecessary comparison between the two.

On Facebook, Park Young Hwan wrote an apology note in response to those criticism. The post read: "I think my statement hurt the feelings of EXO fans. I want to clarify that I did not have any intentions to disparage EXO. I also did not have intentions to compare EXO and BTS. I was trying to carry out the debate with Governor Ahn in a more friendly way by mentioning two of the hottest idol groups in Korea. I'm personally a huge fan of EXO and even attended their concert in the U.S. I look forward to seeing EXO's best promotions in the future and I sincerely apologize for hurting the feelings of the fans."