KBS employee tests positive for Coronavirus; staff quarantined as building gets closed

KBS main building in Yeoeuido has been closed and employees have been asked to work from home as one of its staff has tested positive for coronavirus

One of the employees working at KBS broadcasting's main office at Yeoeuido tested positive for coronavirus or COVID-19 on March 10. The entire building is being quarantined and most of the offices at the building were closed. An employee, probably working as cleaning staff, tested positive along with her son. Now, those working with her also have been asked to undergo tests and KBS is taking measures to stop spreading of the virus.

KBS released a statement in this regard and said that one of their employees notified the office about her and her son being tested positive for coronavirus. Thus, immediately 11 of her colleagues were asked to undergo a test, who voluntarily quarantined. The result was out on March 10 and none of them tested positive except for the one who had notified. Currently, her 11 colleagues are under voluntary quarantine. The KBS building has been closed for 24 hours and employees have been asked to work from home.

Some of her colleagues are still undergoing test

SARS-CoV-2/COVID-19 Wikimedia Commons

The company clarified that the staff working with the one who tested positive were using sterile gloves and were wearing masks while on duty. Some of her colleagues are still undergoing the test for COVID-19.

The KBS building is also open to the public. The main building includes an exhibition hall where people can watch the history and current situation of South Korean broadcasting. People can even watch videos of KBS dramas and variety shows of the channel. There is a multi-touch video monitor in the media experience hall and 3D video hall, virtual studio, and one can also experience broadcasts at 9 O'clock news anchor experience hall.

Coronavirus in South Korea

Currently, KBS ON is also broadcasting a program on coronavirus, presenting the real-time numbers of confirmed cases, active cases and deaths due to COVID-19. As per the latest update, out of the 118,419 confirmed cases in the world, South Korea amounts to 7,755 cases and the country has reported 61 deaths.

As of March 11, South Korea has slipped one more place behind Iran and stands in fourth place in the world in terms of coronavirus cases. Earlier, South Korea was the country having the second-highest cases of coronavirus.

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