Girl group Wonder Girls have landed up in a telecast trouble with the national public broadcaster KBS, again. The channel is reportedly planning to ban one of the songs from the band's upcoming album after finding it inappropriate for the national telecast.

As per a Star News report, KBS enlisted the track titled Sweet & Easy as inappropriate due to its lyrics. It has been said the particular song contains names of brands that make it unsuitable for the national television broadcast. However, the girl's other new songs including title track Why So Lonely and To The Beautiful You have been permitted for the telecast.

Previously in 2015, KBS hampered Wonder Girls comeback track I Feel You for being videocast on the channel. However, after the discussions with company, KBS agreed on the terms to remove certain dance moves from the video, which were seen as too sexy and revealing.

In a related news, Jessica's title song Fly from her debut solo album With Love J also had a similar experience from the broadcaster last month. As per reports, KBS officially prohibited the song due to its lyrics that contained the names of various car brands including Benz and Ford's model, Crown Victoria.