KBS bans Triple H's Dream or Reality for inappropriate lyrics

KBS announced that the song 'Dream or Reality' is inappropriate for broadcast due to its lyrics.

Triple H
Triple H's (from left) Hui, HyunA and E'Dawn Cube Entertainment

Korean TV station KBS has banned a song in K-pop trio Triple H's debut album.

Triple H, composed of former 4Minute HyunA and Pentagon's Hui and E'Dawn, released the album "199X" on May 1 that contains five songs.

In a decision, KBS announced that the song 'Dream or Reality' is inappropriate for broadcast due to its lyrics. It said a part of the song's lyrics refer to sex between a man and a woman.

"If you like American/European culture so much, then go live there. Don't try and think you can change Korean culture as you see fit. Did you think that kids would copy you if you behaved in such a manner???" commented one netizen, according to Netizen Buzz.

One reader added that "at the rate they're going, we're going to be seeing live sex on TV in 10 years."

"What do they expect kids to be learning from them?" another post read.

On the other hand, the tracks which passed KBS' review are the title track "365 Fresh," "Girl Girl Girl" and "Looking."

In total, nine of 125 songs from different singers submitted to KBS were deemed unfit for broadcast.

Before this, the music video for "365 Fresh" was criticized by netizens for sexual content and scenes related to suicide.

HyunA has been known for her sexy image and controversies involving her songs are not new to her. Last year, KBS banned HyunA's song "Do It" for obscene lyrics.

In 2011, the Korea Communications Commission decided that her song "Bubble Pop" was sexually suggestive resulting in her stopping TV promotions.

But HyunA said her skin exposure will always be part of her image.

"Talk about skin exposure will continue to follow me going forward, and it's something I have to accept. I don't like revealing skin for the sake of revealing skin," she said, according to Soompi.

She complained that everyone accepts skin exposure in movies and drama but "when I expose skin on stage, it doesn't seem to come across that way."

HyunA is not planning to change her sexy image soon.

"I want to compliment myself for becoming someone with a strong color. I plan to make [that image] even stronger through stage performances," she said.