KBS bans HyunA's 'Do it' citing obscene language

The songs can be reconsidered again if the artists resubmits new lyrics.

KBS has yet again released a list of songs which are not likely to find airing space in any of its sister television networks. The channel is reportedly banning few songs from the renowned singers after finding them inappropriate for the national telecast.

Allkpop reports that the new tracks by HyunA, Fei, Beenzino, and Heize are being tagged as unsuitable due to the censorship regulations. Particularly, HyunA's "Do It", Heize's "No Way" and "Underwater", Fei's "Sweet Sexy Fei", and Beenzino's "January" has been barred from airing.

Elaborating further, Soompi stated that the KBS network has reckoned HyunA's song "Do It!" inapt due to its obscene language, with lines such as "I'm a b*tch" and "give a f**k". While Heize's tracks "No Way" and "Underwater" are deemed indescent for the usage of vulgar Korean language.

On the other hand, usage of popular brand names like Coco Chanel in "Sweet Sexy Fei", and references to Facebook in "January" made them unsuitable for the national television broadcast.

As per reports, the aforesaid songs can be reconsidered again if the artists and their agencies are ready to resubmit the whole song with new lyrics, keeping the regulations in mind.

In a related news, Jessica's title song Fly from her debut solo album With Love J also had a similar experience from the broadcaster few months back. As per reports, KBS officially prohibited the song due to its lyrics that contained the names of various car brands including Benz and Ford's model, Crown Victoria.