Katy Perry Launches "The Roar Package" NFT Collection with Theta Network

Katy Perry

Pop star Katy Perry is the latest musician to step into the NFT game with the launch of her "Roar Package'' of NFTs, launching on Theta Network, on December 15. The drop comes just a few weeks before the start of her "Play" residency at the Resorts World Las Vegas hotel beginning on December 29.

The "Firework" singer will also be auctioning the iconic 'Golden Lion' from her Super Bowl half-time show in 2015 which she rode into the stadium at the start of her performance.

Fans will get the chance to bid for this physical item as an one-of-one NFT, including a limited edition behind-the-scenes look of Katy giving herself a little extra motivation before the show began, as well as a range of NFTs commemorating her partnership with Theta. More NFT releases will follow over the course of 2022.

"By starting a residency in Las Vegas, I'm following in the footsteps of some personal heroes of mine, but of course we always approach it a little differently," says Katy Perry. "Unlike other residencies, fans will get the opportunity to own a part of the show and my musical story in the form of Theta NFTs. The moments we're auctioning are particularly important to me and serve as a kind of highlight-reel of my past and present for my career, so they're very significant and personal."

"As an artist, I've always tried to keep an eye on the future, so now it feels like we're stepping into it. The NFTs concept is new and exciting, so I'm thrilled my fans and I get to be early adopters in this new world. In addition to the digital NFTs, these drops will include the opportunity to get tangible collectibles as well, so you can come away with some one-of-a-kind, incredible pieces of pop culture history," adds Perry.

These NFTs will connect the fans who own them to real-world experiences, including backstage access to her shows, meet and greets at her Vegas residency, exclusive merchandise, and access to 'The Nostalgia Store'.

Perry and Theta Network, a blockchain video-delivery service, first teased the NFT launch earlier this year alongside an announcement that she would hold a minority stake in the company. Theta Network's advisory board includes other video-streaming big-hitters such as YouTube co-founder, Steve Chen, and Justin Kan, co-founder of Twitch.

"Our collaboration with Katy Perry is the next step in bringing unique benefits and utility to Theta NFTs," says Mitch Liu, co-founder and CEO of Theta Labs. "Unlike traditional NFTs, Theta's NFT drops aim to connect fans and viewers with the live entertainment experience, providing real-world benefits to collectors. Our NFT holders will not only own a piece of music history by one of the world's most-loved and successful artists, but they will also be the proud owners of digital collectibles with enduring value. From unique interactions with live performances via NFTs to virtual ticketing with ThetaPass DRM to exclusive access to live streams and premium content in the metaverse, Theta is looking to revolutionize the media and entertainment industry."

Katy Perry follows in the footsteps of other musicians to launch Non-Fungible Tokens in recent months, including Snoop Dogg, DeadMau5, and M.I.A. In 2021, NFTs exploded into the mainstream, with sales exceeding $12 billion dollars worldwide. In the last week alone, sales of NFTs surpassed $250 million, according to data from NonFungible.com.