Katy Perry Feels Australia is 'The Scariest Country in the World'

After recently spending three months in Australia with her fiancé Orlando Bloom, Katy Perry believes Australia is the scariest country in the world.

The pop star told Lisa Wilkinson on Thursday's episode of The Project that she thinks Australia is dangerous. Katy Perry revealed she has "some close calls" with Aussie creepy-crawlies.

"I was in this place called Cairns or by Port Douglas. The first night I was there, there was a hairy spider that was like this big (making a big circle with her fingers) that was on my bed stand." The Roar singer had to use her hoodie to dispose of the animal.

Katy Perry

But this wasn't her only encounter.

"Oh,it was wild!" Katy Perry shared. "There was a black snake at one point. There is a whole list of just...this like mini octopus that can kill you in one bite. Like do not even think about swimming in any of those beaches, there are crocs. It's crazy."

The Dark Horse vocalist said Australia is dangerous.

Wilkinson, the host, couldn't help but get in with a joke. "But it's fabulous. And what do they say Katy? What doesn't kill you..."

"Makes you stronger," the singer chirped in. "Or you lose a limb!"

Romantic Vacation

Katy Perry had been on a three month vacation with fiancée Orlando Bloom. The Pirates of the Caribbean actor was filming his new movie Wizards in north Queensland. The couple had a splendid time in Down Under.

Katy Perry

They enjoyed Australia's natural landscape. Katy had adventurous moments with a kangaroo and a cuddly koala bear. She also posed for a selfie in Kuranda Village. They also engaged in scuba diving and experienced Australia's marine life.