Katy Perry's dream house dispute goes to the Pope

The story started in 2014 with Katy being attracted to an eight-acre convent in the hills of Los Feliz.

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Hollywood singer Katy Perry has been involved in a weird court battle over a property since the last three years. Now, the battle is getting even more intense as the Vatican is being dragged into it.

The story starts in 2014 with Katy being attracted to an eight-acre convent in the hills of Los Feliz. The only problem was that entrepreneur Dana Hollister had also set her sights on the estate, to turn it into a hotel- "the most beautiful hotel you have ever seen."

Now, after three years and the involvement of two nuns and the Archdiocese of Los Angeles, the case has seen no conclusion. In a decision on November 17, a jury awarded Katy Perry and the LA Archdiocese $5 million legal fees, to be paid by Hollister. However, the defendant refuses to do so, instead choosing to take the matter to the Pope.

In this tussle, the elderly nuns from the Sisters of the Most Holy and Immaculate Heart of the Blessed Virgin Mary support Hollister. They had negotiated a deal and were ready for the sale when it was determined that the nuns do not have the right to sell the property, according to The Hollywood Reporter. The Archdiocese is on Katy's side and they had fixed the selling price at $14.5 million.

Hollister refuses to back down and has informed THR that she is using back channels in Rome to appeal to Pope Francis for the Silver Lake estate. "I offered up to $24 million, and I am currently at $30 million for the property. It could be one of the most beautiful properties in Los Angeles," she says.

Since Superior Court Judge Stephanie Bowick ruled in favor of Katy in March, the nuns are challenging whether the LA Archdiocese actually has authority over the property. Italy-based Luigi Coppola is their attorney in this matter.

As for Katy, the decisions have been in her favor and the only thing in her way is the Archdiocese's condition to find the convent a House of Prayer before taking over the property. After a property deal was canceled, Katy has been given an additional year to find a replacement property.

Hollister, on the other hand, says her deal was finalized before Katy's and wishes to challenge the court's ruling. She expresses solidarity with the nuns, saying, "This story is about their legacy of standing up against something very powerful. It's like David and Goliath."

Now, the Vatican is Hollister's last hope of getting a boutique hotel and she believes that it is only fair to accept her extravagant offer.

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