Katrina Antonovich: The Covid-19 Battlefield, together we can win this battle

 Katrina Antonovich

Katrina Antonovich is the Chief Designer/ CEO of Luxury Antonovich Design (One of the most Luxurious interior Design company in the world), and Owner of Luxury Antonovich Home (KA Brand)

The world is facing the biggest battle with the rise of the Corona Virus Pandemic, and the message for the entire nation is very clear, life will not always be good as we expected, and there will be tough moments where everyone will be facing the trial of their lives Katrina says, 'This world economic situation has indeed brought up all the branches of the business institutions worldwide with a slam down of revenue that has been resulted to force layoffs, limited working access, and temporary work dismissals. What is more frustrating is that no one knows when the businesses can be able to go back in track and proceed in the usual operations.'

According to Katrina Antonovich, a Businesswomen who is running an international company with different branches in the world such as the UAE, USA, London-UK, and South Africa, it has become indeed one of the greatest challenges that she has faced in her business journey. Katrina also mentioned that 'Aside from thinking on how the business operations shall be handled, it has become a great responsibility as the owner/ CEO of a multi-national company on how shall I protect my people/ employees will provide them the right actions as a leader. With this huge trial, need to remain calm with full of positivity in mind, that sometimes we need to remain smart at the same time is very patient on what is going on'. No matter how difficult it is, it always important to know that there will be the comfort and every sacrifice will be turning into a fruitful result.

Prevention is better than cure

The Corona Virus Pandemic has transformed the world into a new normal set up of living, wherein warring a face mask and following the social distancing has become a necessity to protect ourselves and stop the virus from spreading. The count of the infected individuals is continuously rising and so for the number of deaths all over the world which has become very frustrating and stressful. As much as Katrina wants to help to spread the positivity in mind and wellness for humanity in this time of Corona Virus Pandemic, she knows that should help her and take care of her health, knowing that a lot of people are depending on her. According to Katrina Antonovich, one of the ways that helped her sane is avoiding the negative news about the Pandemic, a detox from the toxicity of social media and remained focus on my holistic wellness, she also works out regularly, and strongly suggests everyone do it as it really helps! Not only it is a necessity to maintain a strong immune system, but also helps a lot to achieve the calmness that I need.

Katrina Antonovich says that 'This Corona Virus Pandemic Situation was really tough and has been brought up a lot of frustrations and sufferings in the entire nation. She also mentioned that 'As a businesswoman, she promises to use her voice and full capacity to spread the love, positivity, and awareness in the entire nation to prevent and end up the Corona Virus Pandemic.

Katrina Antonovich's message to everyone is "We are all here for a cause, to reach out and lend a helping hand because after all, what are humans without humanity, I am Katrina Antonovich and together we can win this battle."

This article was first published on July 29, 2020