Katie Price has to pay £150,000 for showing ex-husband's sex tape

The incident took place in January 2018, when Price was shooting for an episode of Celebrity Big Brother

Bankrupt former model Katie Price landed into fresh financial trouble after a court-ordered to cough up £150,000 to ex-husband Alex Reid for allegedly showing his sex tape footage to an audience in the studio. Along with the financial penalty, the 41-year-old mother of five was also given a five-year ban from sharing any private information about their relationship.

The incident took place in January 2018, when Price was shooting for an episode of Celebrity Big Brother. There were around 40 people sitting in the audience at the TV studio. The clip was played off-camera for the audience by Price, who claimed that the controversial clip was downloaded from YouTube

Price has been ordered to pay Reid £150,000

Katie Price
Katie Price was declared bankrupt Twitter/Katie Price

While giving the judgement in favour of Price's ex-husband, Judge Richard Davison said: "I propose to enter judgment for damages to be assessed. The bankruptcy doesn't prevent me from doing that but it will have the usual effects on any enforcement because you will have to prove it in bankruptcy."

Judge Davison also asked Price to pay Reid £150,000 towards his legal expenses adding that Reid will have to work on the recovery through the Official Receiver appointed by the High Court. A 5-year injunction was imposed on Price under which she cannot share any personal moments shared with Reid.

The case would be taken up on March 9, next year, to discuss the exact amount of compensation to be paid by Price to Reid.

The decision comes a day after the 41-year-old media personality was declared bankrupt by a High Court in London after she failed to pay £800,000 worth of debts to her creditors. In a public rant Price, who didn't appear in both the hearings, had blamed her former husband Peter Andre for her the financial woes.

Angry Reid says don't want to ever talk about Price

Addressing the media outside the court, soon after the judgement, Reid said that he doesn't ever want to talk about Price again. In a video statement released later, the cage fighter's representatives said that he is very much happy with the decision as he has been acquited.

"A further order of substantial costs irrelevant to her bankruptcy has been made, with a continuing injunction for the next five years to stop any abuse. 'The date has been set for assessment of damages to be awarded to Mr Reid. That date is March 9, 2020. A further statement will be released in due course," his representative added in a video statement as quoted by the Metro.

Price, whose worth was once estimated to be over £40m, married Reid after her divorce with Peter Andre in 2010 at Las Vegas. The couple called quits after 11 months in January 2011.