Crazy animal rights activist threatens Kate Upton: 'I hope you get shot in the head'

Supermodel Kate Upton was the subject of abuse by animal rights activists

Supermodel Kate Upton suffered from a mid-week shock after animal rights protestors shouted vile rhetoric at the Sports Illustrated star. The model is one of the biggest in the business, with over 6.2 million followers on Instagram, but her fame did not make her immune from being a target of harassment. The blond beauty reportedly earned the ire of the animal rights activists after signing on as an ambassador for popular clothing brand Canada Goose.

According to Page Six, the location of the harassment as at the headquarters of theSkimm, a morning newsletter company. Upton was hosting one of her Strong4Me fitness classes when the protestors appeared somehow to have gained access to the event.

Filming the entire time, the activists immediately marched into the room shouting "shame on you!" Another held up a sign that read "Kate Upton Animal Abuser." "You have blood on your hands," a man wearing a backwards black baseball cap cried. "Canada Goose has blood on their hands."

The harassment quickly morphed into threats

The man with the black hat, which had the word "Vegan" written on it, became more and more agitated, and his language quickly became violent. "I hope you get shot in the head and you're strangled to death," he screamed.

"You're an influencer. You should be promoting kindness and yet you promote violence. Shame on you, you murderer!" he continued, trying to lunge towards the actress despite being restrained by an Asian man with glasses. Fortunately, the activists were pushed out of the room after soon after their language became more disturbing.

kate upton
Kate Upton posing for the shutterbugs. Reuters

Upton's association with Canada Goose made her a target

Canada Goose uses coyote fur as lining for their hoods as well as goose feathers for lining, which has angered from animal rights groups. Upton announced that she was partnering with the clothing line -- which is donating money to help protect polar bears -- this past November.

"I'm proud to partner with Canada Goose and PBI to help raise awareness and ensure a future for Polar Bears. I recently had the honor of visiting the new PBI House to learn about polar bears, polar bear research, and the role each of us plays in polar bear conservation.
Thank you @canadagoose & @polarbearsinternational for you efforts to make this world a better place," she wrote on Instagram at the time.

Upton did not let scary interruption faze her

Upton showed that she was one tough cookie as she remained emotionless during the event and did not even mention it later on social media. "Had so much fun joining Carly & Danielle at @theSkimm's HQ this morning! We discussed my career, family, @Strong4MeFit... and so much more," she wrote.

Kate Upton
Kate Upton lands 2017 Sports Illustrated swimsuit issue cover Reuters

It isn't entirely surprising that the supermodel could handle the outburst, as she has shown her strength in the past after accusing Guess boss Paul Marciano of sexual harassment, as previously reported by The International Business Times.