Kate Moss's Sister Lottie Moss Shares Topless Pictures in Latest Garden Photoshoot

Former Victoria's Secret model Kate Moss's sister Lottie Moss is raising the temperature to whole new levels with her glamorous photoshoots.

Her recent Instagram pictures are the talk of the town, making her followers go weak in the knees as she displays hotness and oomph.

Kate Moss Sister Lottie Moss Hot Lingerie
Instagram grab / Lottie Moss

Just a day ago, the blonde beauty posed in a black corset, seductively posing on the stairs along with stockings and high heels, while teasing her fans with her hair wide open with the caption, ''Too rich for this s**it.''

The leggy lass has now grabbed eyeballs by sharing a series of uber hot snaps baring all and being topless, covering her assets only by her hands.

She captioned the picture as ''But you're a garden fairy...,'' along with a egg and chick emoji. The images received close to 10,000 likes and hundreds of comments in just a few hours.

Photoshoots That Are Hot & Displays Power

While Instagram is filled with celebrities and models posing in racy snaps, Lottie is no different but the only difference is that she sets new standards in photography with backdrops and ideas that aren't seen before.

A few weeks ago, Lottie shared a series of snaps wearing see-through red lingerie, while she posed on top of the luxury car Bentley with a cigarette in her mouth on the lawns of a mansion.

The sultry photoshoot grabbed a lot of attention, as she displayed both hotness and power in the raunchy yet scandalous shoot that was too hard to ignore.

Lottie, also hit out at the media in the caption who previously said her career in modelling would be over. She captioned the images as, ''When the press said you hit rock bottom but you're actually sitting on a Bentley in underwear at a mansion in the hills that you're staying in.''

The model has bagged modelling offers for the luxury brand ' I Am Gia' displaying their spring and winter collection and recently shared behind-the-scene footage of her photoshoots where she is seen sporting a series of eye-popping lingerie such as, pink bustier with matching thongs, skirts, pink lace sets, green bikinis, monokinis that highlights her curves, among others.