Kate Middleton trying to keep the Royal Family from breaking apart after terrible fight?

Kate Middleton and Meghan Markle
Kate Middleton and Meghan Markle Reuters

Kate Middleton is trying to keep it together. The Duchess of Cambridge seems to have had her hands full trying to patch up things at the Royal Palace.

Even amidst recently surfaced rumours that Prince William cheated on her, Kate Middleton is keeping the grace of a Royal and dealing with the more pressing issue at hand. The issue seems to be a rift that has split the family apart. Reportedly Kate Middleton is trying to fix the relationship between Prince Harry and Prince William after they had a "disastrous row."

The Duchess of Cambridge asked Harry to extend an "olive branch" to William, Mirror Online reported. The brothers are barely talking to each other, reports have suggested. Kate's advice led to Harry and Meghan inviting the couple Cambridge to Frogmore House in Windsor after Easter Sunday's church service.

The two couples reportedly had tea and chatted for about half an hour.

A palace source told Mirror Online: "The Duchess and Harry have developed a very close bond over the years....Kate is acutely aware of the importance of William and Harry getting along, not just because of perception but their collective responsibility to the monarchy as a whole....Harry has acted as counsel to his brother throughout William and Kate's more turbulent years, and the three of them had gone on to form the most tremendous partnership."

It looks like Kate is looking to mend fences with Meghan Markle and Prince Harry after Meghan was left out of a tribute on the Queen's 93rd birthday celebrations. Meghan Markle is expected to give birth this month and the couple Sussex has moved to Frogmore Cottage to prepare for the arrival of the Royal baby.

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