Kate Middleton lost her temper over Prince William's behaviour; Duchess of Sussex insulted?

Prince William and Kate Middleton
Britain's Prince William, the Duke of Cambridge, and his wife Kate, the Duchess of Cambridge, pose for photographers with the Eiffel tower in background after being welcomed by school children and students from the British Council's Somme project at the Trocadero square, in Paris, France, March 18, 2017. Reuters

Kate Middleton and Prince William have navigated the perks and pitfalls of being a Royal with grace and poise. They seem to be veterans at being Royal. But the early days of their relationship took some work.

Kate Middleton had some stern words for Prince William, when the Duke of Cambridge was behaving in an unbecoming manner for a royal in the early days of their romance, according to an expert.

The couple Cambridge is now known for taking their Royal responsibilities seriously. Some might say that they are also the reason that Prince Harry and Meghan Markle are able to get away with a lot. Having a responsible heir sure takes a load off of the Royal Palace. However, in the early days of their romance it was Kate who apparently showed royal judgment over appropriate behaviour, and even gave the prince a telling-off.

Author and broadcaster Vicky Ward, writing in Vanity Fair in 2008, took a look at the episode. Ms. Ward writes: "Interestingly, of the tight-knit royal clique who hit the clubs with increasing regularity, perhaps the most aware of the bad impression they were creating was Middleton.

"On vacation in 2006, Prince William and Guy Pelly, an old friend in the group, often referred to as the 'court jester,' were careening around on mopeds in front of a rented house in Ibiza.....According to a source, Middleton came out of the house and, matron-like, told them to stop.....She said, 'Anyone could be watching! Go out the back and stop behaving like this!'

Kate Middleton's discipline and decorum was not looked at kindly by Prince William's friends. Ms. Ward goes on to describe how, despite Kate's sense of royal decorum, William's circle had some cruel and snobbish things to say about the future Duchess.

She writes: "There are plenty of snobbish insults from people who, despite Middleton's obvious attributes, believe that the monarchy needs to stop marrying 'out' of its class.

"One member of the young polo-playing set in the county of Gloucestershire – known in the British media as the 'Glossy Posse' – noted, 'Her parents have a tarmac drive, for God's sake.'"

Some believe Tarmac is seen to be a particularly "new-money" option for paving, as opposed to gravel or a country track.

We have to say those comments certainly seem like they would come from the let them eat cake crowd. However, after nearly a decade of marriage, the Royal couple seems to have found their footing. Meghan and Harry can take a few pointers from them.

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