Kate Middleton health scare: Duchess 'starving' herself to lose weight, truth about rumours

A new report claimed that the duchess is skipping her meals and starving herself amid excessive work pressure.

Amid ongoing false rumours about Kate Middleton's fourth pregnancy, a new report claimed that the duchess is trying to lose excessive weight which is worrying Prince William.

Royal fans have been concerned about Middleton's health since she lost a considerable amount of weight after giving birth to Prince Louis.

Now, Radar Online claimed that Middleton has allegedly been starving herself because of her busy schedule. She is allegedly skipping her meals as she is caught up with a lot of royal duties, especially after Prince Harry and Meghan Markle's exit.

The unnamed source also added that Prince William has been trying to call his wife's attention over her extreme weight loss and he is worried especially since they are trying to have another baby this year.

"Kate's schedule will only get more intense now that the Queen is leaning on them more than ever. The brutal truth is that Kate needs to add at least half a stone or seven pounds so William's right to be worried," the source said.

However, these claims are completely untrue.


Not only the new report on Radar Online, some netizens have also expressed concerns about the Duchess of Cambridge's weight. On the online forum site Quora, some royal fans dubbed Middleton as "too skinny."

However, Deanna Eppers, a royal watcher, said that it is offensive to call Middleton skinny.

Middleton has always been caught up in similar rumours about her health as well as her pregnancy. Some recent false rumours also talked about the duchess' feud with Markle.