Kate dons kurta: Prince William and Kate Middleton begin their royal tour of Pakistan

Kate and william
The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge are currently completing a royal tour of Pakistan Source: Instagram

Prince William and Kate arrived in Pakistan on Monday night, October 14, and their royal tour is being described as one of the most challenging international tour of their flourishing royal career. The couple touched down at the Nur Khan airbase in Rawalpindi, where they received a red carpet welcome.

The royal pair were greeted by a host of Pakistani dignitaries and young children dressed up in their traditional garbs, who also handed Kate, who looked mesmerising in an aqua salwar kameez, a beautiful bouquet of flowers as a welcome gift.

According to the Duke of Cambridge, their royal tour comes on the heels of the belief that it is in the 'best interests' of the UK for Pakistan to succeed as a nation. This tour is meant to strengthen the ties between Britain and Pakistan, as they continue to support the Commonwealth country as a "key partner and friend".

The royal tour of Pakistan is also a means for the UK to improve its international relations with Brexit looming, as well as a chance for Pakistan to show itself off as a thriving tourist destination amid major security concerns from all over the world.

Kate Middleton
Kate was greeted by young kids in traditional outfits at the Nur Khan air base in Rawalpindi on Monday night. Source: Instagram

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge will begin their royal tour from Islamabad, where they are slated to visit schools and school children to highlight the importance of quality education and meeting sustainable development goals while also taking care of the environment.

On Tuesday, the royals will also be meeting Pakistan's Prime Minister Imran Khan, who along with his ex-wife Jemima Khan was a close friend of the late Diana, Princess of Wales. The couple's royal engagements also include a glamorous evening reception at Pakistan's National Monument, which will be hosted by the British High Commission.

The evening reception is scheduled to highlight the very best of Pakistani music and culture and will have guests including prominent figures from the country's music and film industry and creative arts, the world of business and politicians.

During the evening festivities, it is reported that Prince William is also scheduled to give a speech where he would be talking about the 'unique bonds' between the two countries, especially the population of Pakistani origin living in the UK.