Kartikay Rawal: Self Made Entrepreneur Reaching Great Heights

Kartikay Rawal

Kartikay Rawal was born on 9th of April in 2003. Since the very beginning he was interested in technology and has been making apps from a very young age. It all started when he was only 10 years old. In school too, he used to win a lot of awards for the events that he participated in. Soon came the idea of filmmaking as well as directing. In order to gain experience and enhance his skills, Kartikay used to participate in National as well as international events. In fact, he can be known as one of the youngest directors of India who has worked with not only some common people but also popular celebrities.

This young man was not always this way, Kartikay had to get involved in his father's family business when he was only 13 year old. He was balancing everything at the same time. Currently, he is the CEO at a media magazine named Cressida Times. Digital marketing is something that he can never even get over. it is his main area of expertise and he does a pretty good job at promoting different brands and services. Actually, since he has been balancing a lot of things at the same time, it gets a little tiring sometimes. Imagine studying for your 12th standard, working in a car dealership and also being a digital marketer.

No matter how difficult times get, Mr Rawal has never looked back. He has to work even harder in the long run and he is obviously ready to do so. He is bound to be the youngest entrepreneur apart from being a positive social media influencer. There were a lot of people who initially told him that he wouldn't be able to do anything in his life, but he had a positive outlook towards life and never backed down. Right now he is pretty successful, and keeps he is innovative ideas updated because it comes to use in his film making business too.

Kartikay has had his own share of challenges. When he was initially beginning out with his ideas, a lot of people were actually envious of him and tried to bring him down by putting negative thoughts into his mind. But obviously, he knows better than that. He had to lose a lot of friends during these years of struggle, but it was certainly worth it. Guess who is a model, influencer, marketer and also an artist right now? Kartikay Rawal!