Kang Dong Won
Kang Dong Won has opened up about his love life Facebook/KangDong-Won

South Korean actor Kang Dong Won has opened up about his love life. The 35-year-old actor admitted he is not good with women at all.

During an interview, the actor who signed on with YG Entertainment, talked about marriage. Dong Won said: "I'm not sure if I can get married. 80% of my plans are work-related. Only 20% of my plans have to do with my personal life. I'm the type who needs to have my personal life and work life divided clearly. I don't think my personality will get better soon."

Adding on, he also shared about his private life. Shockingly, he has only two actors who are his celebrity friends. Dong Won said: "The people I usually meet to have drink with and talk to are directors or crew members. I don't usually become friends with the actors I work with."

He continued: "I've gotten to know Kim Woo Bin very well while working on our movie, and we frequently contact each other and talk. My other celebrity friend is Bae Jung Nam, who I've known since I worked as a model. And that's it."