Kamil Sattar's Necessities for Drop-shipping Success

Kamil Sattar

It's hard to say what's the thing that makes some people succeed despite all the odds, but Kamil Sattar seems to have it in spades. The UK-based drop-shipping entrepreneur that's been making waves in US media outlets didn't earn his first million at nineteen because he came from wealth. He did it because he wanted more than what was offered to him, and he got it despite a troubled youth, poverty, and racial discrimination.

Kamil didn't stop at lifting himself up. He saw an industry that could bring positive change to a lot of lives. Despite the ire he got from the gatekeepers whose business models he disrupted, Kamil created free courses for the people who'd like to develop successful drop-shipping businesses. Here are some of the things that helped him on his way and might also help other entrepreneurs.

Heavy Focus on Advertising

Everyone who ever tried their hand at drop-shipping knows that marketing might not take up 100% of a drop-shipping business's activities, but it accounts for a sizable chunk of them. There are many ways drop-shipping businesses can market their products, but Kamil's had the most success with paid advertising.

One of the things he learned early on in his career was how to talk to influencers on Instagram, which opened a whole line of paid advertising options. Kamil didn't stop there, however.

He figured out that his lack of experience with Facebook Ads was holding him back, so he learned everything there is to know about them. He used other social networks' advertising services, too, including the ones that most other businesses might find exotic, such as Twitter's. When it comes to finding customers, paying for reach is a good investment.

Problem-Solving Attitude

One of Kamil's pursuits nowadays is helping other people achieve success with drop-shipping. This puts him in a curious position where he can assess other people's skills and talents and see what works and what doesn't.

The one thing he sees most often in the students who end up being the most successful is a problem-solving attitude. Someone with that kind of attitude will actively look for ways to make things happen, whether it's trying to scale up their business or troubleshoot a problem that just came up.

That's something that Kamil knows all too well. He originally went into business to solve a specific problem he had. He's been testing, resolving issues, and finding better ways to do things ever since.

Making It About More Than Just Business

When he started his first business, Kamil wanted to find a way to afford clothes from big brands and designers. Nowadays, he doesn't own that many luxury or fancy items, a flashy car, or a big house. But what he does have is financial security for his family.

Kamil plans to retire by the time he's forty, so he can enjoy his family life. When times get tough, he remembers his parents' struggles. That's where he finds the strength to power through everything and come out the other side as a winner.

For Kamil, drop-shipping is a business and that's how he likes to treat it. However, it's also a means to earn the money that keeps his family financially secure. Thanks to his efforts to educate other people, it's also a chance to create an extended family of like-minded, successful people who are on the same mission to help themselves and their families, but also their customers and fellow entrepreneurs.