Was US Founded by White Supremacists? Kamala Harris' 'Hatemongering' Niece Draws Flak

VP Kamala Harris' 37-year-old niece, Meena Harris was trolled for asking parents to teach their kids that 'white supremacists' founded the US.

Vice-President Kamala Harris' niece Meena Harris was targeted on social media after she advised parents to teach 'anti-racism at home' by telling their kids that 'white supremacists' founded the US. She also urged parents to encourage their kids to read the works of 1619 Project founder Nikole Hannah-Jones.

In an op/ed for Washington Post, which was published Tuesday, November 16 night, Meena, 37, wrote about how can parents make their kids aware of the 'racism' that apparently shapes America and how the country was "stolen from Indigenous people." She also accused Republican state legislatures of prohibiting educators from "discussing racism, equity, and justice in classrooms."

"Parents need to tell stories that say what politicians are afraid to, that this country was stolen from Indigenous people, founded by white supremacists, and built on the backs of enslaved people, and that racism shapes our society to this day," Meena wrote.

Meena Harris
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'Anti-racist narratives'

In her op/ed, Meena sought to provide tips to parents on how to teach their kids about racism at home since Republican states have either 'banned or oppose the teaching of Critical Race Theory.' "Parents need to share narratives with their children that are historically accurate and anti-racist," Meena wrote. "It's time all American families start taking time at home to discuss the injustices that shaped our nation's past, the work still to be done in our present, and the values that should define our future." She also noted how "Republican lawmakers in 28 states have sought to bar educators from discussing racism, equity, and justice in classrooms."

Meena also went on to promote her own book club, Phenomenal Books "which spotlights the work of underrepresented authors, particularly women of color." "Titles that teach kids to value, not just tolerate each other's differences are certainly important," she said.

'Meena Harris is a racist swamp creature'

Social media called Meena Harris a "race-hustling hatemongering twat" over her remarks. "Meena Harris is a racist swamp creature," one person tweeted. Another person, calling her racist asked why should anyone "give a rats ass what this obvious racist wants."