Kabali's Malaysian fans furious after being shown a different climax

LPF chairman Abdul Halim says alteration has been ordered to ensure the people continue respecting the law.

The Film Censorship Board of Malaysia said that the Rajinikanth starrer blockbuster, Kabali will have a different ending in the country, leaving the local fans furious.

In the Indian version of 'Kabali', the movie ends with the screen fading to black after a gunshot sound, leaving the rest to the viewer's imagination. But the Malaysian version ends with a line saying, "Finally 'Kabali' surrendered to the police."

It will also have a message of "crime does not pay" added at the climax of the film.

LPF chairman Abdul Halim said the alteration in the climax of the film has been ordered to ensure that the people at large continue respecting the law.

Abdul Halim told Malay Mail Online: "Normally under our guidelines, there must be some kind of element of retribution in the movie. Especially if the characters shown in the movies are involved in crime, then there must be some kind of comeuppance for that. So, we asked the producer to put in a caption...This was to send a message that the law cannot be taken into your own hands."

Apart from several cuts, the censor board insisted to keep the story line intact.

Malaysia has a large Tamil origin population and since the movie is based in Malaysia, the authorities are concerned that the film may give them a wrong message. It might also affect racial relations between communities in the country.