Kabali: Malay version of Rajinikanth's film to release on 22 July

Kabali features superstar Rajinikanth as the lead.

Kabali will be released in a Malay-dubbed version for Malaysian viewers. The Tamil blockbuster movie featuring Rajinikanth is expected to release throughout the country on 22 July.

The film was dubbed in Malay by the film's distributor in Malaysia, Malik Streams. Adding on, the Malay version of Kabali is expected to hit 250 cinemas in Indonesia on 29 July.

The joint producer of Kabali, Abdul Malik Dashtigeer, told Bernama: "Last Saturday the film's teaser was released in Malay and it was a hit among fans in the social media as it went viral immediately. Kabali is the first Tamil film to be dubbed in Malay."

"Local celebrity Arun Kumar is the 'voice' of Rajinikanth in the Malay version and Fathia Latiff is the voice for the role of Rajinikanth's daughter Dhanshikaa in the movie. The entire team involved in the dubbing, including Datuk Jalaluddin Hassan who is the 'leader' of a notorious gang in the movie (voice), was flown to Chennai, India for seven days to do the recording," he added.

"Two songs (Ulagam and Nerupuda) are in the process of being dubbed in Malay and music will use the minus-one scale," Dashtigeer continued.