The K2 first airing: Im Yoona, Ji Chang Wook showered with compliments

Actor Ji Chang Wook and Girl's Generation Im Yoona are the leads of tvN's mystery thriller drama, The K2

PD Kwak Jung Hwan is quite impressed with the two leads of the bodyguard drama, The K2. The producer-director revealed that Im Yoona and Ji Chang Wook are so much immersed in their characters that they do not care about those little accidents that happen on the sets.

During his conversation with the news outlet, TV Report, Hwan disclosed that the Girl's Generation member recently developed bruises while shooting, however, she continued the work with the same zeal. He said: "Ji Chang Wook and YoonA have worked extremely hard. YoonA's knee even became bloodily bruised during the scene where she's picking up a coin on the road. They are both throwing themselves into the work, without caring about possibly getting hurt, breaking anything, or getting scraped up," he said.

The first episode of mystery-melodrama, The K2, aired on September 23. While the show did not manage to grab much ratings on its initial airing, the leads are being showered with heaps of compliments from the viewers on social media. Apparently, the audience seemed incredibly impressed from Yoona's improved acting skills.

Meanwhile, continuing with his flattering words for the rising stars, the PD added: "Ji Chang Wook and YoonA are actors who will become even better in the future. They have a lot of potential for improvement. The two are giving all they have, and I think they'll receive compliments for their acting in this drama. I can't imagine that they were criticized for acting in the past."

Jung Hwan also praised the supporting cast of the show. He complimented veteran actress Song Yoon Ah for her incredible acting skills and disclosed that 50-year-old South Korean actor, Jo Sung Ha, shed 8 kgs to prepare for his role.