K-pop stars post heartfelt messages for Jonghyun

Jonghyun Instagram

Immediately after learning that SHINee member Jonghyun died, K-pop stars and Korean celebrities have sent their heartfelt condolences and messages to mourn his passing.

The 27-year-old singer took his own life on Dec. 18 and wrote a suicide note that he gave to his friend Dear Cloud band member Nine9, in which he revealed his extreme depression.

Here are the messages posted by celebrities on their social media accounts:

Day5's Jae: "As one of my first Korean influences, my heart aches for this tragedy. From the bottom of my heart, may he rest in peace."

Yeeun: "I really loved the song 'Breathe.' Thank you so much for the warm comfort... I hope that you will rest in peace now..."

FTISLAND's Lee Hong Ki: "I'm so sad, my hands are shaking. We were very close because we debuted at a similar time. I don't know what it was that gave you a hard time, but I hope that there are only good things for you in that place, Jonghyun."

Baek A Yeon: "I still can't forget your warm heart and kindness when I won for the first time on a music show and you congratulated me while throwing confetti.. I hope that you will let go of all the things that gave you a difficult time and pain, and rest peacefully in that place."

2PM's Jun.K: "I'm so heartbroken. How much worry and pain must have been hidden behind the bright image that we saw. I hope that he rests in peace."

2PM's Nichkhun:"Rest in peace."

2AM's Jo Kwon posted on Twitter, "I am so heartbroken, I am really so heartbroken.. How lonely it must have been with such loneliness and emptiness that couldn't be filled up despite all the love you received, you did well, and I'm sorry."

Ex-EXO member Tao: "It's such a beautiful memory. Because of that performance and song, I wanted to be on stage right away, so I wanted to train more quickly too. Thank you for giving me strength. The first senior artist I met in Korea was you. I think I can't express how I feel at this moment."

The private funeral for Jonghyun will be on December 21.