K-pop star Yoon Doo-joon sad 'to leave without saying a proper goodbye' to fans

 Yoon Doo-joon
Yoon Doo-joon instagram.com/beeeestdjdjdj

Following an abrupt enlistment notice from the South Korean military, Yoon Doo-joon, the leader of the K-pop boy group Highlight, had to suddenly leave for his mandatory service to the nation. Now, his agency Around Us Entertainment has released a letter that the 29-year-old singer and actor wrote for his fans.

As noted by website Soompi, on August 22, Around Us Entertainment released an official confirmation that Doo-joon had received an abrupt draft notice for military enlistment and will begin active duty from August 24. The letter from Doo-joon, translated to English by Soompi, reads thus:

"Hello, this is Doojoon.

"You were surprised right? I was surprised, too. Though not as much as you guys. In order to finally fulfill my mandatory military duty at this old age, I will have to suddenly leave. I wanted to go earlier. Because I can finally take some pressure off that burden though, I'm happy.

"The saddest part that really troubles my mind is the fact that I'll have to leave without saying a proper goodbye to you. My heart hurts a lot..

"The fact that I could enjoy this celebrity life for almost 10 years is mostly thanks to Lights [Highlight's fan club name]. In this irregular life, the fact that I was able to feel the most normal feelings of happiness, sadness, and other things is thanks to the special memories I was able to create with you all. You were with me for a third of my life all this time cheering me on. Thank you sincerely for your support. It was an honour.

"I now plan on starting the third chapter to my life. To my members, family, friends, company family, and drama staff members who supported me, I'm so sorry, and thankful. I hope you all stay healthy.

"Finally, to our, and my fans that I love. Please always keep your own health as your priority, and I hope you'll be happy and healthy. Thank you. Bye.

From one-fifth of Highlight, Doojoon."

The original statement from Doo-joon's agency confirming the statement mentioned how shocking the news was to fans. The singer and actor himself was taken aback. The statement however said that the actor will finish filming his current drama called 'Let's Eat Season 3' and also begin his military duty as a citizen of Korea. It was announced that 'Let's Eat 3' has been shortened from 16 episodes to 14 episodes.

Doo-joon will complete the basic five weeks of training that will begin on August 24 and then become an active duty soldier; serving Korea for two years. Doo-joon's agency had also said, "We sincerely apologise for not having been able to tell you ahead of time and that you had to suddenly receive the news through an article, and we once again ask for the understanding of fans.

"Please show lots of anticipation and support for Yoon Doojoon, who has always prioritized and focused on his family, group, and fans from debut until now, so that he can be discharged in good health and return to you as a more mature and great person," Around Us Entertainment's statement concluded.