K-pop idols Bangtan Boys on why they love 'not so popular' label

South Korean boy group band BTS made their comeback with Wings on October 10.

BTS Boy Group
South Korean boy group band, BTS, made their comeback with Wings on October 10. Facebook/BTSband

Bangtan Boys are the product of Big Hit Entertainment and they are highly proud of it. The band members of the group recently opened up about their 'not so popular' yet successful label.

During their comeback press event, BTS revealed that coming from a small label people didn't expect much from them. However, gradually their popularity graph soared, and made them one of the top K-pop idol group worldwide.

"We might not be under a big, major label, but the name is literally big hit. So it's a big label, and we will make hits. Please look forward to it," the rapper and main dancer of the group, J-Hope, shared.

As a matter of fact, labels like SM, YG, and JYP are considered to be major celebrity agencies of Korean entertainment industry. Apparently, they are reckoned as the most powerful companies where the chances of success are manifold compared with other small labels.

However, BTS swam against the tide and proved their talent despite a small agency managing them. Band member, Suga also shared his thoughts about the label. He said: "A lot of people didn't expect much from us when we first debuted. I'm grateful that the 'School Trilogy' and the 'Young Forever' series that captured our stories received great love from many."

"We can't be young forever but I always want to have that purity and passion. I also want to continue promoting with the mind of a young boy even though I can't be a young boy forever," he said.

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