K-pop Fans Urge Bit Hit Entertainment to Create New App for BTS and ARMY

The followers of K-pop boy band BTS have urged entertainment agency, Big Hit Entertainment, to create a new app exclusively for the seven-member boy band and their fan group ARMY. They posted their request on Twitter, and the social media platform is now buzzing about why the ARMYs need a new place to interact with their favorite boy group members.

ARMYs have been interacting with the young Korean heartthrobs -- RM, Suga, Jin, Jimin, J-Hope, V, and Jungkook on the fan app Weverse since 2019. But the application has now started introducing new members to the group and the ARMYs are not liking it. They started flooding Twitter with messages like we need another app for BTS and ARMY only and I am joining White Hat Junior for creating a new app for BTS and ARMY only.

Check Out Some of the Tweets Below:

Dear @BIGHIT_MUSIC, Can we have any social media app which is just...OUR APP with OUR BOYS in OUR PHONES...only for BTS and army.... please help us out with this, a k-pop fan tweeted

I want an app that is just for BTS and ARMY. No other group please!, another K-pop fan wrote

As much as I wish that BTS and ARMY can have our own app/platform, HYBE won't make it because if they do WEVERSE will tank and do poorly which will be bad for them cause they invested millions in there, an ARMY stated

I think bighit should make apps only for BTS and ARMY only, another ARMY tweeted

Dear @BIGHIT_MUSIC, do something for us "BTS AND ARMY" we are sick of these freaking fan wars pls! I want us to be back! We ARMYS loves our Souls BTS until my life ends up, another Twitter user wrote.

We were the first ones on weverse. a chill platform for BTS and the ARMY since 2019. y'all should be the ones f**ing off? Ummm. the audacity? an ARMY wrote.

Want an app ONLY for BTS and Army, where they can do lives, post-run BTS, important Announcements, Reply to comments, share pictures/videos, a tweet read.

First photo teaser of BTS single Butter. BTS official

Twitter began buzzing about ARMYs need for an exclusive app after girl group Blackpink joined the fan app Weverse on August 2. The girl group joined the platform to interact with their fan community Blink more closely. But BTS fans also started getting notifications about the girl group's activities though they have not opted for it.

ARMYs immediately raised a complaint about it, and Weverse apologized to its users. The app creators also informed its users that they were getting notifications due to an error that occurred, and the system is now back to normal.


How to Turn Off Spam Notifications from Weverse

The users can turn off promotional notifications by making changes in the settings. According to the app update, users can turn off push notifications through the notification settings tab. However, there is no option to select artists, and they have to turn off push notifications for all the artists.

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