K-pop fans force Korean Air to clear aircraft and demand refund

Wanna One
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Three hyper K-pop fans caused a furore by delaying a flight from Hong Kong to Seoul. The fanatics termed as "idiots" by The Telegram mobbed K-pop group Wanna One and forcefully disembarked all passengers and further annoyed the crew by demanding a refund.

The incident that happened on Saturday came to light recently as the fans boarded a Korean Aircraft scheduled to fly from Hong Kong to Seoul. Prior to take off, K-pop idols Wanna One took the business and first class cabins following their performances at the Mnet Asian Music Awards.

On hearing the news that their idols have boarded the flight, the three fans in their 20s swarmed the K-pop band members in spite of a repeated warning from the flight crew.

After multiple coaxing by the cabin crew, the fans decided to get off the aircraft which under aviation law required the entire flight to disembark and undergo security screening again causing a significant delay in the flight schedule.

Further to the delay caused, the "mindless" fans demanded a full refund of their tickets which they were entitled to under Korean Air's refund policies as they had paid the full price of the tickets. Due to the unavoidable delay caused by the K-pop fans, Korean Air was also obliged to compensate for the remaining 360 passengers on board.

Neither Wanna One nor Korean Air has shared their comments on the issue. This incident shows the extent of fanaticism wielded by K-pop fans.

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