K-pop Boy Band iKON to Leave YG Entertainment

The members of the K-pop boyband iKON will end their contract with the entertainment agency YG Entertainment. The record label shared the news through an official statement. According to the firm, all six members will leave the company.

The South Korean entertainment agency released an official statement about the idols' departure on Friday, December 30. The agency stated that Kim Jinhwan, Bobby, Song Yunhyeong, Goo Junhoe, Kim Donghyuk, and Jung Chanwoo would work together in the future and focus on various activities.

However, the singers have decided not to renew their exclusive contracts with the company. They will work together and communicate with their fans through their official social media channels. The K-pop idols will continue to communicate with their fan group iKONIC.

YG Entertainment thanked the boy group members for working with the agency since 2015 and wished them good luck. The record label also thanked the fan group for the love and support of the agency and the artist.

iKON boy band YG Entertainment

Here is the Complete Statement:

The K-Pop boy group debuted in 2015 as a seven-member band and leader B.I left the team in 2019.

Fans' Reactions

All #iKON members officially leave YG Entertainment as of December 30th, 2022. They will continue to use weverse to communicate with fans as "iKON". HAPPY INDEPENDENCE DAY FOR iKON AND iKONIC!

Can I highlight this part "Apart from the end of the contract, all six members WILL ACT AS A GROUP: iKON. In addition, iKON WILL continuously interact with fans through their OFFICIAL channels"?? Did they buy their trademark???

Group iKON leaves YG after 7 years... Exclusive contract expiration. Currently, while looking for a new agency, they are reviewing a wide range of plans such as establishing a management company to maintain the team.

Jinhwan Bobby Yunhyeong Junhoe Donghyuk and Chanwoo left YGE but not iKON. They did not disband and are currently looking for agencies but they are still iKON and can come back as a group in the future.

YG is required to turn over all iKON's intellectual property (group name, fandom name, songs) to iKON themselves once ALL of them are left. If one member remains in the company, the company still owns the rights. In this case, none