Justin Sun brings TRON to debut at 2021 Milken Institute Asia Summit 2021 to reshape the financial landscape

Justin Sun

Justin Sun has been making a lot of appearances lately. After SFF(Singapore Fintech Festival)2021, which just ended on November 12, he returned to the Milken Institute Asia Summit 2021, facing today's global financial giants and government officials from many countries. In his talk, he spoke about the importance of finance to human society.

Finance is the eternal subject of human exploration and one of the indispensable tools for the progress of human society. The Milken Institute Asia Summit 2021 is also in line with the process of human social development and has chosen the theme of "The Power of Human Connection". At a difficult time when the "Covid 19" epidemic is sweeping the world and weakening various industries, finding a new round of economic growth for humanity and finding a point of cooperation between humanity and the financial world has become the first key issue to be resolved now.

The Rising of Tron Empire

It's always fascinating to see the great players interact head-to-head. Justin Sun never rains without pouring. He seems to be an innovator for financial tools in the round. Although he appears to be young, he has no shortage of observations and ideas. In this panel discussion titled "Crypto's Continuing Chronicles", he would like to present his own views to get the current financial situation out of the dilemma.

It is undeniable that in the field of encryption technology, from the development of the TRON public chain in 2017 to the current BTTC cross-chain solution, every step of Justin Sun has always been followed with attention. Of course, Justin Sun did not disappoint this time and became the absolute protagonist of this roundtable forum. Although his speech was not high, his brief introduction before the opening ceremony caught the attention of the audience. TRON, one of the three major public chains in the world, a stable currency with a 50% usage rate worldwide, DeFi with rising demand, NFT with fashion trends, the upcoming GameFi as well as the already frequently mentioned cross-chain solution BTTC, Justin Sun's empire, which he has built in just five years, is far larger than the news media has reported.

And blurted out: "$50 billion in on-chain assets, $1.5 billion in daily on-chain transactions, and more than $10 billion in decentralized financial locks." These few numbers, resounding all at once, immediately shocked everyone, especially industry leaders.

Blockchain Technology Will Play a Financial Role

Unlike the other guests at the Singapore forum, Justin Sun's blockchain realm is more diverse; his focus is not limited to applying blockchain technology to create a tool with a single product attribute. Because in his opinion, the most fundamental characteristics of Blockchain technology are "trustworthiness", "decentralization", "improving efficiency" and "traceability", so he has always thought about only one thing, how to amplify the above four characteristics.

He flatly stated that the current user system of finance has a high registration threshold and is inefficient. With the help of blockchain technology, it will become extremely efficient. The verifiable and traceable data of Blockchain technology will become a major driving force, making every transaction more transparent and secure, effectively eliminating"under the table" transactions. Right now, as the world proclaims the age of Web 3.0 and calls for open finance, blockchain technology can quickly solve the problem of interoperability of financial information between countries.

Justin Sun has boldly stated his own views to SWIFT (Society for Worldwide Interbank Financial Telecommunication), the world's largest banking and financial telecommunications association. He believes that it is difficult for us, as adherents of the global financial order, to address the specific governance of SWIFT. It is an issue that deserves to be addressed by the whole world. In his opinion, the decentralization of blockchain technology is a perfect fit to solve this problem. He plans to further cultivate this field and reshape the global financial landscape in the future.