Justin Bieber's shows downsized due to soft ticket sales over Coronavirus concerns

No official announcement from Bieber's social media account

Canadian star singer and actor, Justin Bieber's show tours and venues have been getting reduced in size due to lack of sale of show tickets over coronavirus or COVID-19 fears. Due to the low sale of tickets, organizers had to change venues from stadiums to arenas. America Airline Center along with eight organizers posted similar posts on Twitter on March 6. Posts were informing the fans that stadium shows are being moved to indoor arenas due to unforeseen circumstances.

Anyone who logged in Ticketmaster to book the tickets can see a lot of available seats in blue colour. Instead of pulling a show in a half-empty stadium, the venues were moved to smaller arenas. One of the Twitter users tweeted, "Hey @BryanRolli why don't you write an article like this about Justin Bieber's stadium tour having poor ticket sales to the point he had to move to arenas ? Or you only raise your voice when it's about female artists "flopping" ?! We all know now that this article aged badly."

Beiber in recent news

Justin Bieber
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Canadian singer, who has 120 million followers on Instagram was in the news recently for finding his cat Sushi who had been missing since weeks. He posted the photo of his cat on Friday with the caption, "Almost a month ago, my pal sushi decided to run away, after weeks passing by Hailey and began to lose hope that our baby was gone :( yesterday we got a call that somebody found our baby.. it had made it Miles and miles away! He looks extremely skinny and has a very sad miow, he is home now safe and sound!" He thanked celebrity Sandra Lee for finding the cat.

Bieber, 26, dropped his last song "Get Me" from the album, Changes that was out on February 14. The song gained around 7,716,031 on YouTube featuring American singer, songwriter and singer Kehlani.

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