Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez reunite: Taylor Swift's reaction revealed

Selena Gomez showed up at Justin Bieber's Los Angeles concert to support him.

American country music singer Taylor Swift is said to be unhappy with Selena Gomez for reconnecting with Canadian singer Justin Bieber. The Red singer is apparently concerned for the former Disney star.

On 23 March, Gomez showed up at the Baby singer's Los Angeles concert to support him. A source told Hollywood Life: "Taylor has matured with her own relationships and realizes people have to go through things to get to where they need to be. Taylor realizes that she can't be Selena's mom and has said to Selena what she feels about Justin time and time again. Taylor is not going to get into itanymore. Selena is going to do what she wants to do."

"Taylor doesn't want to waste her breath anymore on steering Selena to a good guy," the insider added. "Taylor feels that Selena just has to live and learn."

Meanwhile, in an interview with Flare, the Revival singer gushed about Swift. Gomez said the Bad Blood hitmaker has a special skill when it comes to relationships.

She said: "A bunch of women I look up to and admire are supporting one another, and Taylor has such a beautiful way of bringing people together. That was good for me, because the more I started working, the more uncomfortable I was. I wouldn't trust people, and Taylor has a way of stripping down everything and just getting down to being human. I love that."