Controversies are nothing new to singer Justin Bieber, but this time the 23-year-old seems to be in a big trouble. Justin is facing arrest charges in Brazil for 'crime against the city order and cultural heritage' after illegally spraying the side of a famous £23million hotel during his last visit to the country in 2013.

With Justin back to Brazil for his concert series, the case has been reopened by a local judge. A report on Mail Online stated, "The 23-year-old looked cool and composed in a white tank top that he folded up to show off his impressive rock hard stomach, despite the possibility of arrest for a 2013 infraction for the last time he was in the country."

In a statement, the Public Prosecution Service in Rio: "With the news that the singer will be returning to Brazil, the Prosecution Service requested that the court issue a writ of summons in his name. The request is so that the accused is made aware of the charges."

According to reports, he is likely to be summoned in connection with the charges as destroying any building is a crime in Brazil punishable by up to one year in jail or a fine.

Metro UK further stated that a Rio de Janeiro judge Rudi Lowenkron has ordered for a clerk to be waiting for Justin's arrival at the international airport to ask him to sign a document confirming he's aware of the case. In any case, if he refuses, the judge is said to have authorized 'use of police force'.

Justin will be performing at the Rio's Apoteose Square venue and a final concert in Sao Paulo. He is planning to leave the country soon after the performance. It has also been clarified that in the case of any aggressive behavior, he will be arrested for contempt immediately. However, these issues don't seem to bother the star. He was seen chilling out at the beaches of Rio in a wired white crop top and red tracks, exposing his newly inked eagle tattoo around his stomach.