Justin Bieber behind Selena Gomez,The Weeknd split?

Selena Gomez and The Weeknd recently announced their split and fans are curious about the reason for their break-up.

Met Gala 2017
The Weeknd and Selena Gomez at Met Gala 2017 Reuters

After Selena Gomez and boyfriend The Weeknd announced their split on October 30, the rumour has it that the former's ex Justin Bieber is the reason for their break-up.

According to reports, Bieber was photographed arriving at Selena's home in Studio city, CA, a month after Selena opened up about her kidney transplant.

Not only this, it was also reported that the former couple was joined by their mutual friends and The Weeknd was fully aware of their get-together.

On 29 October just a day before Selena and The Weeknd's split, the 25-year-old singer spent her Sunday morning with Beiber catching up over breakfast in LA. That same day the duo was seen attending church together as the 'Sorry' hitmaker withdrawn himself when reporters asked him about their reunion.

The following day, Selena and The Weeknd declared their split in public. An observant fan noticed that The Weeknd had unfollowed Selena's mom, her assistant and her best friend on Instagram.

While Justin and Selena were quite excited about their big reconciliation, the former's family was not taking it easy. "Justin is aware Selena's family is not thrilled they are hanging out. They think he caused Selena a lot of grief," an insider told People.

Other speculation has it that Selena's break up with The Weeknd has nothing to do with Justin. "She and Abel have been going back and forth for a few months about their relationship," said the insider. "It's been hard with him being on tour and her in New York. That wasn't easy for them."

"Everyone wants love, but his focus is the business. He's building a legacy. He's young and successful with money and can have any girl he wants. Their relationship kind of came out of nowhere", the source added.

Nothing has been confirmed yet and fans may even see the "Jelena" couple back together again.